Are You a traveler?

Always thought that a traveler is a person who travels a lot, like all the time. One can be rich and fly around the world with a private plane. One can be poor and hitchhike, stay at people’s homes or sing in the streets. We see the differences, but the similarity here is that they both are travelling and they both are happy. I discovered not so long ago, that sometimes you don’t have to physically do things to feel them. Tell me, who doesn’t want to travel? I, and lots of people love it, but we have works, kids, no money, no time and other problems so we don’t do it or we do it rarely. My last trip was to Portugal, a couple of months ago. I spent only a week there, but I am still there now in my mind. Travelling can be a lifestyle, but also a feeling in your heart. Whether you are travelling home from work, flying to Spain or just dreaming about it and waiting for it to happen. Traveler can be the type of person who is thinking about travelling all the time and loves doing it even if it is sometimes. So are you a traveler?